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PCF8523 Real Time Clock Assembled Breakout Board

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This is a great battery-backed real-time clock (RTC) that allows your microcontroller project to keep track of time even if it is reprogrammed, or if the power is lost. Perfect for data logging, clock-building, time stamping, timers and alarms, etc. Equipped with PCF8523 RTC - it can run from 3.3V or 5V power & logic!

Please note:

  • The PCF8523 is simple and inexpensive but not a high precision device. It may lose or gain up to 2 seconds a day
  • As of March 25, 2022, this board now may come with a PCB version that has HVSON or SOIC-8 chip package depending on what chip is available in the market. Both are identical functionality!
  • Does not come with a CR1220 coin cell battery