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Prototyping Pack - for BBC micro:bit

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Take your use of the BBC micro:bit to the next level with this prototyping pack. It contains everything you need to fully utilise the BBC micro:bit with other components and breakout boards without the need for soldering.

The engraved backplate provides mounting for the Breakout:bit and breadboard creating the ideal prototyping platform for experimenting. With both Male to Male and Male to Female jumper wires, you'll be able to connect with ease to the wide range of pins available on the Breakout:bit.  

Please Note: 


Assembly Instructions:

  1. Place the four bolts through the mounting holes on the Breakout:bit
  2. Add the two spacers to each of the bolts
  3. Carefully place the backplate on ensuring the engraving is on the correct side
  4. There should be just enough bolt showing on the other side to secure the nut on
  5. Place one of the adhesive rubber feet on each corner of the baseplate underside