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RPLiDAR S2 Low Cost 360 Degree Laser Range Scanner - 30M Range

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RPLIDAR S2 is a new generation of low-cost two-dimensional laser ranging radar (LIDAR), which can perform a 360-degree Omni-directional laser ranging scan within a 30-meter radius of a two-dimensional plane. It can generate a flat point cloud map of the space in which it is located information. This cloud map information can be used in practical applications such as map surveying and mapping, robot positioning and navigation, and object/environment modelling.

RPLIDAR S2 adopts laser time-of-flight ranging technology, coupled with the high-speed laser acquisition and processing mechanism developed by SLAMTEC, which can perform 32,000 ranging actions per second. It uses non-contact energy and signal transmission technology, overcomes the life limitation of traditional lidar, and can operate reliably and stably for a long period of time. 

Compared with other series of lidars, the RPLIDAR S2 has a more stable ranging performance when detecting long-distance objects, switching between black and white objects, and strong light directing objects. It can achieve ideal mapping within a 30-meter ranging radius in indoor and outdoor environments. As a result, the scope of application can be expanded to more consumer-level commercial scenarios.


Parameters Details
Measuring distance White object:30m
Black object:10m
Sampling frequency 32kHz
Scanning frequency 10Hz
Angle resolution 0.12°
Communication interface TTL UART
Communication rate 1M
Measurement accuracy ±5cm
Supply voltage 5V
Supply voltage ripple 20-50mV
System startup current 1500mA
Supply current 40mA(5V power supply, during sleep)
400mA(5V power supply, working)
Communication interface input and output voltage 3.3V
Range of working temperature -10℃ to 50℃
Weight 190g