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Simple Water Detection Sensor with Digital Output

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Keep wet things wet and dry things dry by detecting when the dry things get wet by accident! This palm-sized cherry-red water sensor is simple and easy to implement in your wet-dry-sensing project.

Usage is very simple: connect the minus (-) pin to ground, connect the plus (+) pin to 3 to 5V DC and then the output signal pin (S) goes to your microcontroller

The sensor has a very lightly biased transistor that is connected to two long sets of interlocking traces. When a little bit of water/condensation lands on the PCB and touches two of the traces, the transistor will turn on, setting the output pin high. The output voltage does vary a bit with how much water is detected, but honestly, we recommend just using it as an "on or off" type sensor.

  • Dimensions (including header) 64.7 x 20 x 7.7mm
  • Weight: 3.7g