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Social Networking for the Older Generation

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Advancement in social networking websites has now made it much easier to keep in touch with family and friends, wherever they may be in the world. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

This book will explain clearly and easily:

  • How to use the Facebook website to interact with like-minded people by sharing your latest news, photos and videos.
  • How to control who can view your Facebook page by using the privacy settings.
  • How to use the Twitter website to follow people who interest you and share their short online messages called tweets. Also how to take part in online debates and post your own tweets.
  • How to use Skype and Windows Live messenger to make live video phone calls, some of which are free of charge.
  • How to create your own online diary called a blog.
  • How to use e-mail so you can send and receive messages with attachments such as photos, documents or videos.
  • And much more besides...

This book is written especially for the over 50s who may have little experience of using a computer. The book, of course, also applies to all age groups. It uses plain English and avoids technical jargon wherever possible.

A Babani Computer Guidebook by Jim Gatenby