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Social Networking Using a Tablet For All Ages

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Social networking using a tablet for all ages book will help you acquire the skills needed to enjoy social networking. Social networking has become even more popular with the increasing availability of small, light and inexpensive but powerful tablet computers. You will now be able to easily stay in touch with family and friends all over the world no matter where you are!

among the useful topics covered are:


  • An introduction to the main types of tablets and their operating systems - Android, iPad and Windows.
  • Connecting to the internet using a WiFi router or via one of the mobile phone networks.
  • Downloading the app and signing up for Facebook.
  • Entering and editing your Facebook personal profile.
  • Finding like minded people to become your 'friends'.
  • Navigating Facebook and posting updates of your latest news and photos.
  • Sending messages and 'chatting' online using text.
  • Controlling who can see your posts and information.
  • Downloading the app and signing up for Twitter.
  • Finding people to follow on Twitter, posting Tweets, including photos and the use of hashtags.
  • Receiving and responding to Tweets.
  • Importing photos to your tablet for use in Facebook and Twitter from cameras and card readers, etc.

This book has been written using plain English and avoiding technical jargon wherever possible.

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