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SOIC 8-Pin Test Clip to DIP Adapter

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This SOIC Test Clip is a great way to test and connect to Flash memory, EEPROMs or other 8-SOIC chips, with pinpoint accuracy and NO soldering! It's sort of like an alligator clip but with 8 metal teeth that grip nicely onto normal or wide SOICs. So handy for when you need to probe an I2C, SPI or QSPI connection - or burn firmware to a chip without desoldering.

The clip is strong enough to grip onto an 8-pin SOIC but has a soft grip with two rows of gold-plated contacts so it won't mar or damage circuits. The continuity goes through the clip and out the ~30cm long 28AWG cable with an adapter. The 0.1" header adapter can be plugged into any breadboard.

Unlike some SOIC clips, this one has been designed so it does not hurt your hands to use, and does not slip off wide SOICs while pinching your fingers!

Please Note:

  • You do need a little clearance around the SOIC in order for the plastic to grip onto it