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Water Leak Detector

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This Water Leak Detector is designed with industry standards. It's IP66 rated, waterproof, dustproof and can be widely used in various application scenarios, such as a kitchen, a sump pump, a bath, etc, just to name a few.

It is designed to detect water leakage. When the water immersion level touches the sensor probe, the built-in relay will be triggered to turn on the alarm system or shut down the equipment in the house. The control circuit has a very low potential energy, so it won't cause any ignition of flammable or combustible materials, ensuring safety.

  • User-friendly: easy to install, clean, and remove.
  • Widely-applicable: Relay signal output, it can be used with digital displays, PLCs, inverter, recorder and other water detection system
  • Robustness: made of high-quality alloy and waterproof cable, durable for long-term use
  • High-performance: strong anti-interference and long-term stability


    • Power Supply: 5V
    • Operating Current: <30mA
    • Quiescent Current: <10mA
    • Output Signal: Water - Relay Connection / Dry - Relay Break
    • Relay Load: 3A 250V AC / 3A 30V DC
    • Response Time: <50ms
    • Measurement Medium: water
    • Operating Temperature: -5℃ ~ +60℃
    • IP Rating: IP66
    • Weight: 200g