Grove Zero: Snap-and-Play Programmable Modules

Grove Zero: Snap-and-Play Programmable Modules

Grove Zero is a platform comprised of various electronic modules that aim to make STEM learning as simple, practical and most importantly enjoyable! From the easy to use snap-and-play magnetic connections to the block-based programming interface the Grove Zero is ideal for aiding in the teaching of programming, troubleshooting, electronics and so much more.


Snap and Play

All the Grove Zero modules are snap-and-play, connecting different inputs and outputs will help children/students to learn about electronics in a fun and safe way. The quick connect nature of the modules allows different systems to be created easily with no wasted materials.

Colour-coded by Functions

All of the modules are colour-coded depending on the function they perform so you can easily recognise them and understand a created system. Pink for control, blue for inputs, white for outputs, green for power and orange for other types.

Magnetic Adaptor

The flexible magnetic adaptors allow you to snap the modules together securely, connect them side by side or even stack them on top of each other.


Cable Connectors

The magnetic adaptor can be detached from the module and you can use cables instead. This allows you to easily chain modules together in other orientations and even when they're not close enough to use the magnetic system.


You can easily program Grove Zero modules with Codecraft, a graphical programming software based on Scratch 3.0. Develop interactive games, make art or go after any creative feat you have in mind. When you're ready you can convert your block program into Python or Javascript and continue to advance your programming knowledge.

There is also a graphical programming app that allows kids to program modules on their tablets and phones using drag-and-drop blocks. It's simple, easy and most of all fun.




Bit Kit micro:car:

The Bit Kit allows you to make the smallest, coolest micro:bit robot car in just a few seconds. Comes with a colour line follower block, a built-in buzzer, four programmable RGB LEDs, and most importantly, a rechargeable 200mAh battery.



Starter Kit:

The Grove Zero Starter Kit features 9 colour-coded, plug-and-play, and programmable electronic modules that have been specially designed for use in STEM education.

Car Kit:

The Bit Kit allows you to make the smallest, coolest robot car in just a few seconds. Use the 3 included maps with the modules to create and program different line following projects.

Explorer Kit:

Explore the endless possibilities of the Grove Zero range with this Explorer Kit! It contains 17 modules which you can easily snap together and create a range of different projects using the included guide and resources.




All-In-One Kit:

This is the ultimate Grove Zero kit, it includes all 36 of the modules available at the launch of the range. Create almost anything with the included sensors, displays, and so much more. It's ideal for use in groups and perfect for classroom environments.







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