Top Gifts for Younger Makers this Christmas

Top Gifts for Younger Makers this Christmas

It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas, and with everything going on, we know that it might be more stressful than ever to find that perfect gift. In order to make things easier for you, we have put together a list of our top Christmas gift ideas for the younger makers to keep them entertained over the holiday period.

Due to the current situation surrounding Covid-19, we recommend ordering your Christmas gifts as quickly as possible to avoid any potential delays that may be caused by backlogs in the postal systems.


1) MicroBit V2

The BBC Micro:Bit V2 is a brand new powerful updated version of everyone's favourite pocket-sized computer! Jam packed with new features and functions including a microphone, speaker, touch sensor and better processor allowing you to achieve much more than the previous micro:bit allowed.

2) Makey Makey

Using the Makey Makey you can make anything into a key just by connecting a few alligator clips. This is an invention kit that tricks your computer into thinking that almost anything is a keyboard. Allowing you to hook up all kinds of fun things as an input. For example, play Mario with a Play-Doh keyboard or make a piano out of fruit! These projects and countless others are easier than you think with Makey Makey.

3) Edison V2.0

Edison makes true robotics accessible to children of all ages. With more built-in sensors than any robot in its class as well as lights, sounds and autonomous behaviour capabilities, the Edison robot is a powerful, engaging tool for teaching children computational thinking and computer programming in a hands-on way. 

4) Meowbit 

Ideal for the younger gamers, the Meowbit is a card-sized graphical retro game computer that allows you to learn how to code your own games using the Makecode Arcade or Python. Available in blue or orange, it combines the fun of gaming and learning to code!

5) mBot

mBot Bluetooth version is a low cost, easy-to-run robot kit for kids to get hands-on experience about graphical programming, electronics, robotics. It is an all-in-one solution for robotics learning and designed for STEM. Achieve different fun projects like wall avoidance, line following, games with other mBots, using sensors to play games in Scratch programming language. 

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