Add a display to your next project with our brilliant range displays both large and small, each of these devices are easy to use and simple to install with little knowledge. A simple 7-segment serial display can provide you numerical output, monochrome OLED for simple instructions or a 18-bit colour or full HDMI display. If you want to take your projects further, why not add a touchscreen for extra control! If you want to add impressive visual effects instead then our fantastic range of programmable LED strips, rings and matrices from Cool Components or NeoPixel will add a stunning bright, colourful and appealing display.

Neopixel Ring - 24 X Ws2812 5050 Rgb Led With Integrated Drivers (Id: 1586) - Leds
Neopixel Ring - 12 X Sk6812 5050 Rgb Led With Integrated Drivers (Id: 1643) - Leds
Raspberry Pi 7 Touchscreen Display - Lcd Displays

Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display

£59.99 inc VAT
£49.99 ex VAT
Gameduino 3 - Led Displays

Gameduino 3

from £34.99 inc VAT
Digital Rgb Addressable Led Weatherproof Strip 144 Led - 1M - Leds
Fadecandy Neopixel Driver - Usb-Controlled Dithering (Id: 1689) - Other
Tft Lcd Display 8 Hdmi 800X600 - Raspberry Pi Compatible - Lcd Displays
2.8 Tft Touch Shield For Arduino W/capacitive Touch (Id: 1947) - Lcd Displays
Adafruit Rgb Matrix Bonnet For Raspberry Pi (Id: 3211) - Led Displays
1.8 18-Bit Color Tft Lcd Display With Microsd Card Breakout (Id: 358) - Lcd Displays
1.54 240X240 Wide Angle Tft Lcd Display With Microsd (St7789) (Id: 3787) - Lcd Displays
2.2 18-Bit Color Tft Lcd Display With Microsd Card Breakout (Id: 1480) - Lcd Displays
Monochrome 128X32 Spi Oled Graphic Display (Id: 661) - Oled Displays
Micro Oled Breakout (Lcd-13003) - Oled Displays

Micro OLED Breakout (LCD-13003)

£16.79 inc VAT
£13.99 ex VAT
7-Segment Serial Display - Red (Com-11441) - Led Displays

7-Segment Serial Display - Red (COM-11441)

£12.77 inc VAT
£10.64 ex VAT
Teensy 3.2 Octows2811 Adaptor - Accessories And Breakout Boards

Teensy 3.2 OctoWS2811 Adaptor

£11.99 inc VAT
£9.99 ex VAT
Omega2 Oled Expansion

Omega2 OLED Expansion

£14.99 inc VAT
£12.49 ex VAT
Lcd Controllable Blackout Panel Lclv - Lcd Displays

LCD Controllable Blackout Panel LCLV

£7.50 inc VAT
£6.25 ex VAT