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Electronics / Robotics

Electronics / Robotics

The Circuit Scribe and Bare Conductive range of special conductive inks and paints are a fun and different way of teaching both basic and advanced circuitry concepts that can be drawn onto almost any surface along with their own sets sensors, switches and outputs!

A Micro:bit is an incredibly versatile board that is a great starting point for teaching electronics to learners of all ages! With many different prototyping and inventors kits, available students will be able to hook-up and create all kinds of fun circuits using the hundreds of available sensors, switches, outputs and add-ons. If you want to do something different, one of the many different car and buggy kits are an ideal first step into Robotics!

HaloCode encourages students to use everyday items to create electronic projects. With its compact design and a broad selection of integrated electronic sensors and modules, it offers all sorts of opportunities to create AI & IoT applications.

With the Maker UNO Plus, students can start coding right away and see their boards light up and play melodies in no time, providing them with a great foundation to electronics. Similarly, an Arduino is also a fantastic choice for students who want to learn and advance their knowledge and understanding about creating and programming circuits.

Our selection of  Soldering tools and kits provide a fun project for your students to complete while helping keep your stocked up on all the basics. While our range of desktop manufacturing machines is an ideal way to help give students more hands-on experience in learning and come away with something they have created! All of these machines are perfect for the classroom due to their size and ability to help simulate mass-production.