Our Favourite Stocking Fillers

Our Favourite Stocking Fillers

Deciding on what to buy someone for secret Santa or finding stocking fillers is always a challenge. To make your search easier here are some of our favourite stocking fillers for makers, programmers or people you think would love to get into electronics.

These permanent breadboards allow you to transform your prototype breadboard circuits into permanently fixed circuits. They operate in exactly the same way as a standard breadboard. They're available in 1/4, 1/2 and Full Sized versions.

Cool Components Protoboard - 1/2 Size (Pack of 3) - Component


Maker UNO X

The Maker UNO X is a low cost Arduino based devlopment board in the Uno form factor. It's ideal for anyone looking to get started with electronics or programming. The board has a built-in LEDs on every pin, a buzzer and a programmable push-button. 

Maker UNO X: Simplifying Arduino for Classrooms - Component

Solar Torch Soldering Kit

The Solar Torch Kit is a through-hole soldering kit that has been designed so that people of all knowledge levels of electronics will have no trouble using it. There is a full guide available that covers everything from the theory to constructing the solar powered torch.

Solar Torch Kit - Component

Cool Components Cases

This is a range of acrylic cases specifically designed for some of the most popular microcontrollers. There's one for the BBC micro:bit, BBC micro:bit V2, Arduino Uno and Makey Makey. They're all designed to protect the electronics while giving you access to all the pins and features of each board.

Protective Case for BBC micro:bit - Micro:bit

Super SNES Case for Raspberry Pi and 2 x USB Gamepads

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming console with this bundle! It includes a "Super SNES" inspired Raspberry Pi case which was specifically designed to look, feel and operate as much like the original as possible. There is also two 3rd party replica "Super SNES' style USB gamepads so you're ready to play with a friend.

Super SNES Case for Raspberry Pi and 2 x USB Gamepads - Raspberry Pi Enclosures


Cool Components Component Kits

Whether you are just starting out in electronics or a keen maker, we've put together some fantastic component kits that are restocking your workbench! Our starter kit for the BBC micro:bit is a great place to start, while our accessories and other bundles will keep you making and learning for hours. Our kits for the Makey Makey are packed full of extras to get those creative juices flowing allowing you to make some amazingly brilliant interactive projects!

LED Starter Kit - Component

Insulated Silicone Soldering Mat

With this Insulated Silicone Soldering Mat, you will be provided with the means to protect your desktop, soldering station, or workbench from the superheated tip of a soldering iron! Each mat is equipped with a large working area for all your soldering needs as well as plenty of organization "buckets" for components. 

Insulated Silicone Soldering Mat - Soldering

M5Stick C with Watch Accessories

M5Stick-C is a mini M5Stack, powered by an ESP32. It is a portable, easy-to-use, open-source IoT development board. This kit lets you create and program your very own smartwatch.

M5StickC with Watch Accessories - Other

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